18 feb

Wetten V.S.

WET H.R.789 gestemd mei 2015 Wet Press Release Congressman Chris Gibson This is outstanding news for Upstate New York and for the more than 300,000 Americans suffering from Lyme disease and a host of related illnesses like babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever”. “Ticks are an increasingly dangerous presence in our communities, causing a litany [...]
18 feb

Wet Canada

BILL C-442 gestemd eind 2014 Wet Hieronder een interessant stuk: Whereas recent research further demonstrates the persistence of Borrelia spirochetes after antibiotic treatment that follows the guidelines used in Canada (Embers et al., 2012) and indicates that current serology does not adequately describe the diversity of Borrelia bacteria existing in Canada and that the general understanding [...]
18 feb

Wetten Europese Unie

In 2008 besliste de EU informatie over zeldzame ziektes in de Orphanet database op te slaan. Dissemination of knowledge and information on rare diseases One key element for improving diagnosis and care in the field of rare diseases is to provide and disseminate accurate information in a format adapted to the needs of professionals and [...]