Conferentie 12-13 september (Antwerpen)

2015-05-15 10_50_49-BBOW APSO lyme conference

Given the high prevalence of Lyme disease and the difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of this tick-borne disorder, we thought the time was right for a Belgian conference to target a Belgian, European and international audience of medical professionals. We aim to offer educational presentations on the fundamentals of Lyme disease and co-infections, the epidemiology of tick-borne disease, the persistence of the infection and related pathologies. We will address classical and integrative treatment plans, supportive measures and nutritional options to tackle Lyme and related dysfunctions, as well as pointers for lab diagnosis and testing. An interesting mix of highly esteemed international experts and excellent local speakers has been provided to present these topics.

2015-05-15 10_55_20-BBOW APSO lyme conference

Wereld autoriteit op gebied van Lyme en co- infecties Dr.Richard Horowitz M.D komt spreken! Andere vermaarde Lyme specialisten die spreken : Dr. Armin Schwarzbach M.D, PH.D, Dr.Prof. e.m. Kenny De Meirleir, Ph.D Valerie Obsomer, tekendonderzoekster e.a.

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