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First European Crypto-infections Conference 2019

31 mei 2019 – 1 juni 2019 hele dag
Pillar Room, Rotunda Hospital
Parnell St
Rotunda, Dublin
Gordana Avramovic
+353 (1) 716 4562

Prof. Peronne, Prof. Lambert, human rights activist Luché-Thayer and many others will speak at a two-day symposium in Dublin where leading global scientists share their knowledge about Lyme disease and co-infections.

The target group of the conference is formed by scientists. To name a few speakers: Dr. Zhang talks about his research group’s studies to treat persistent Lyme disease and Dr. Shan talks about his research group’s progress towards bacteriophage use: to diagnose Lyme over time and perhaps later Treat Lyme.

Fred Verdult: “Times are changing. More and more pioneering research is being done worldwide on Lyme disease, co-infections, diagnosis and treatments at respected universities. The history of HIV and AIDS teaches us that the world has moved on because patients stubbornly stood up for their interests and demanded more social commitment. Also with Lyme disease and co-infections it is of great importance that patients have a seat at the table to come to a better understanding of the disease, better tests and better treatments. Sharing knowledge between scientists working on different aspects of Lyme disease and co-infections in many places around the world is very important. ”


‘Crypto-infections are hidden infections, poorly described in the medical literature, that cause significant multi-system disease to human and animal populations worldwide. Crypto-infections, which include tick-borne bacterial pathogens and others, are well recognised as a significant burden of disease in both human and animal hosts.’

‘However, much remains to be done to further diagnose, understand the underlying pathogenesis, and optimally treat these infections.’

‘This conference will bring together a wide range of scientists, both in human and veterinary medicine and in other disciplines dealing with these infections, to share their current knowledge of these infections and to develop a ‘blueprint’ to progress our study of these infections.’


Friday 31st May 2019: 13:00 – 18:25
Saturday 1st June 2019: 08:00 – 16:00


Pillar Room, Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


€100 (incl.Dinner on 31st May, Lunch on 1st June 2019)

Link to brochure (agenda + speakers): click here

Online registration: click here

Applications must be completed by 24th May 2019.

Source: lymevereniging.nl
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