08 jan

The Norwegian footballer Eivind Markhus died

One of the bravest truest Lyme warriors has died – the Norwegian footballer Eivind Markhus.

He suffered the worst effects of Lyme, with Motor Neurone Disease
He was hoping to begin new treatment soon, and had fought for us all by spending so much of his time and a great deal of his own money in the Norwegian courts, trying to get Lyme recognised as a persistent infection.

This message from his children:

Our beloved, beautiful, kind, brave father and husband… At 4.30 this night you drew your last breath. You have had a tough journey through these 16 years and you are a hero and role model in our eyes. You have been so strong both physically and psychologically, for so long, that it is an unreal nightmare that this could happen to you. ”I’ll win” you wrote. In our eyes you won the struggle to free yourself from the wheelchair. Now you are in heaven. We love you with all our hearts Daddy. Life will not ever be the same without you. We miss you so incredibly much. Rest in peace

Lyme Disease, What is going on? (002)

This video clip was put together to demonstrate to Norwegian broadcasters what problem Lyme Disease is and how it can affect your life if not treated. For more information about our project, please go to www.lymefilm.com

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