All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
(apocrief naar Arthur Schopenhauer)

Lyme België/ Belgique Protest

To increase public awareness about Lyme Borreliosis and other associated tickborne infections; to provide moral and educational support to sufferers, their relatives and friends - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!
Lyme België/ Belgique Protest
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Lyme België/ Belgique Protest
Lyme België/ Belgique Protest06/07/2018 @ 15:50
The Maxwells saw more than a dozen doctors, but they had no answers for the symptoms impacting Claire and her older sister, Katherine.

Their mother, Sarah Maxwell, an associate professor at University of Texas at Dallas, didn’t give up. “I kept saying something is wrong. Something is wrong. This is not normal,” she said.

After three years, her daughters were diagnosed with Lyme disease. For Claire, the younger of the two, it has been particularly hard.

“I took her to the cardiologist and said I am ready to have her hospitalized,” Sarah Maxwell said. ”That’s how bad things were.”

Maxwells believe that the girls were bitten by infected ticks brought in the home by family dogs.
Lyme België/ Belgique Protest
Lyme België/ Belgique Protest05/07/2018 @ 22:46
"Dr Lambert had sent off a sample to specialist research laboratories in Germany and the results came back positive – I was suffering from Lyme disease.

"I was prescribed a certain type of antibiotic and the next day I felt more alert than I had in years. I'm still taking a type of malaria drug and although I am still nowhere near better, at least I'm now on the right path. So much damage has been done to my immune system in the intervening years, but Dr Lambert still hopes to cure me."
Lyme België/ Belgique Protest
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Lyme België/ Belgique Protest
Lyme België/ Belgique Protest28/06/2018 @ 13:33
"Lyme is bij muskusrattenbestrijders een beroepsziekte. Het is zaak om zo snel mogelijk na een tekenbeet een besmetting met Lyme vast te stellen. Door inzet van jaarlijks Lyme-onderzoek wordt de kans op ernstige chronische aandoeningen sterk verkleind."

Ook in België wordt de chronische vorm van Lyme als beroepsziekte gezien bij boswachters, zie

Maar de chronische vorm van Lyme bestaat dus enkel bij Nederlandse muskusrattenbestrijders of Belgische boswachters...
Hoe kan men al die jaren (boswachters is al zeker sinds 1999) het ene beweren voor een beroepscategorie en het andere voor de rest van de bevolking!